1. Retail sale in specialized stores of computers and non-customized software. Retail sale in specialized stores of software and computer accesories

XINJIANG CONTINENTAL INVESTING CO.,LTD supplies network equipment, server systems, computers and components, specialized graphics cards for mining, power supplies, office equipment and consumables. We cooperate with the largest manufacturers of computer equipment and world leaders in the field of network technologies, which allows us to implement customer projects in the shortest possible time and at reasonable prices.

We are ready to offer you a wide range of different categories of goods:

  • computers, tablets, laptops (laptop, Network / Wi-Fi card, DVD / BD / CD drive, Media player, Keyboard + mouse set, Mouse pad, Keyboard, USB Hub, Bag, Case for Notebook / Tablet / Smartphone / GPS / E-book,
    Cable, Adapter, Headset / Speakerphone, Monoblock)
  • computer components: (Hard drive, Motherboard, Processor, Memory (modules, kits), Video card, Sound Card, Network / Wi-Fi Card, Power Supply, DVD / BD / CD Drive, Case, Fan / Heatsink, HDD / ODD Container, USB Hub, TV Tuner, Module / Accessory / Equipment Controller, HDD Controller, Notebook/Smartphone/Tablet Option, Cable, Adapter, Thermal Paste/Hotmelt Adhesive, Accessory, Monoblock, Server Option, SSD Drive)
  • portable electronics (Smartphone, MP3 player, Dictaphone, Bag, Case for Laptop / Tablet / Smartphone / GPS /, E-book, FM Transmitter, GPS Navigator, Headset, External battery (Power Bank)
  • storage media (Memory card, Compact disc (CD / DVD / BD), CardReader, External hard drive, Accessory, Flash drive, SSD drive)
  • office equipment (Computer desk / stand, Computer / Nettop, Projector, Monitor, Uninterruptible power supply, Scanner, Laminator, Cartridge, Telephone, Booklet, Shredder, Web camera, Surge protector / stabilizer, Shredder / booklet accessory, Antenna for wireless equipment Remote Control, Printer / Plotter, Thermal Printer, Barcode Scanner, Banknote Counter, Splitter, 3D Printer, Virtual and Augmented Reality System)
  • data storage and servers (Computer / Nettop, Hard disk, Motherboard, Processor, Memory (modules, kits), Network / Wi-Fi card, Power supply, Switch, Fan / radiator, HDD / ODD container, Twisted pair cable , Module / Accessory / Controller for equipment,
    HDD Controller, Cable, HDD Carrier / Docking Station, GBIC / SFP / XFP module, NAS, Accessory, Mounting hardware, Server hardware option, SSD drive)

We offer to our clients:

Save time searching for suppliers – we are a single supplier for the entire company. We offer a wide range, delivery, as well as a complete package of documents.Special prices for projects and large parties. We have developed a system of discounts for regular customers.

Expanded catalog for our regular customers. We are ready to accept orders for goods that are not in our catalog, ordering them especially for you.

Information support and individual service. Your personal manager will answer any questions as soon as possible.

We are waiting for your inquiries by e-mail info@cold-sky.com

2. Support services in the information technology and computer programming

Our team is ready to develop and implement for you a variety of software solutions of different sizes and complexity.

By taking on a project, we guarantee the delivery of a ready-to-use and reliable software solution that is tailored to improve business processes and can increase the return on investment.

We will provide a full range of services:

  • Post-release support and maintenance
  • QA testing at every stage of development
  • Software development, Front-end and back-end development
  • Design development and prototyping
  • Detailed analysis of business and project requirements

Our principle is an individual approach to each client and project. This ensures that the finished software will take into account all the details of a particular business and solve its problems as efficiently as possible. Our development team will carefully consider your request and offer the best solution in terms of UX / UI design, architecture and technology stack. Together with the customer, we will discuss additional details and agree on a project plan. If necessary, we will conduct interviews with developers. We will prepare a final proposal with an estimate of the cost and duration of the project, proposals for architecture, tools, platforms and methodologies. If everything suits you, we sign the contract. We assemble a development team, choose a method of communication and build a workflow, and start work.

3. Repair and maintenance of office machinery and equipment, except computers and peripheral equipment

Another direction of our company is the conclusion of contracts for service maintenance of your office equipment and equipment. This is primarily aimed at the smooth operation of your equipment, reducing the time to troubleshoot, reducing the cost of repairing office equipment, as well as maintaining your office equipment in a clean and technically sound condition.

Service maintenance of office equipment is a whole range of measures aimed at preventing the occurrence of malfunctions (breakdowns) of office equipment, as well as its high-quality and uninterrupted operation. Our obligations under the service agreement may include any repair work in unlimited quantities, in cases where a malfunction (breakdown) nevertheless occurred. Depending on the type of contract, spare parts may already be included in the subscription fee or paid additionally.

Goals and objectives of service maintenance of office equipment:

  • increase the life of the equipment
  • reduce the cost of maintaining and repairing office equipment
  • get high-quality, most convenient and profitable service

In order for the equipment to work stably and last for a long time, regular and thorough maintenance is necessary for it. Only systematic monitoring of the state of equipment and timely maintenance will prevent a number of serious breakdowns and extend its service life.

In turn, we offer you to conclude an agreement, according to which the service center takes care of all the necessary care for your equipment.

What do you get by entering into a service maintenance contract with us?

  • Clean, well-maintained equipment;
  • Stable and uninterrupted quality of equipment operation;
  • Operational elimination of any malfunctions of the equipment;
  • The practical exclusion of delaying repairs in the absence of spare parts;
  • No unplanned expenses
  • And other nice little things.

All of the above will give you the opportunity not to waste your time, nerves and money on solving problems associated with sudden equipment breakdowns, long equipment downtime due to lack of spare parts or due to a running malfunction, as well as ever-increasing repair costs.

4. Development of computer network

Modern business needs automation and computerization. Increasing flows of information and a large number of operations associated with its processing, storage and transmission, realize the impossible possibilities of normal functioning without modern IT tools. But, unfortunately, many small and medium-sized businesses do not cover the staff of specialists in this field of activity. As a result, established organizations often have problems with the health of the information network.

XINJIANG CONTINENTAL INVESTING CO.,LTD provides services in the field of computer networks.

We are ready to offer:

  • Design, installation, administration of district and corporate networks of any complexity based on structured cabling systems using standard and export-optical technologies.
  • Professional development of project projects of any complexity, taking into account all customer requirements and specific settings.
  • Consultations on the choice of network architecture, active and passive network equipment.
  • Purchase and installation of equipment.
  • Development and supply of special software.
  • Diagnostics and testing of finished systems.
  • Troubleshooting and network repair.

We are ready to implement any projects for your business, taking into account safety standards, consumer protection and network operating conditions.

5. Activities of export and import offices

Our company is an operator of foreign economic activity and services in the field of export and import.

Acting as an export and import operator, we provide the following range of services:

  • Consultations on all issues of foreign economic activity
  • Development of a foreign trade agreement
  • Selection of the optimal logistics scheme
  • Certification and obtaining permits
  • Calculation of customs duties and the cost of exporting goods
  • Cargo insurance on the way
  • Customs clearance
  • Services of a customs broker
  • Currency control
  • Delivery of goods to the customer’s warehouse
  • DDP deliveries