XINJIANG CONTINENTAL INVESTING CO.,LTD is engaged in the supply of computers, their components, peripherals, accessories and consumables, as well as software. Computers, laptops, peripherals, office equipment, digital photo equipment, mobile phones, network and presentation equipment, components and consumables cover almost all areas of IT business.

The main competitive advantages are:

  • a well-established supply chain
  • optimal prices
  • optimized warehouse and transport logistics
  • full-fledged information support
  • highly qualified and energetic staff

The product range is extensive, which allows to satisfy any needs of customers. The impeccable level of service and service is constantly maintained.

XINJIANG CONTINENTAL INVESTING CO.,LTD will provide you with software development and sales services. The high qualification of technical staff and system architect allows us to create programs that can work for a long time and stably and withstand significant loads.
Our core competence is software design and development. We are able to create modern design and user-friendly interfaces for the products we develop.
The project team interacts with each other on a daily basis. Thanks to this, we are able to provide high quality and fast results.
The employees of our company have extensive experience and competence, which are so necessary for the creation and development of high-quality programs.

The modern world is hard to imagine without the Internet. In every office, the Internet and the local network must be available for full-fledged work, but it is not always done and working normally. It happens that computers do not see each other, disconnect from the network, the Internet disappears and the like. One of the main reasons for a “bad” network is its non-melting planning and execution. It is important to plan the network even at the repair stage, but if this is not possible for any reason and the network already exists, but does not work correctly, please contact us.

Employees of XINJIANG CONTINENTAL INVESTING CO.,LTD will help you to do everything necessary for the stable operation of your network.