The mission of XINJIANG CONTINENTAL INVESTING CO.,LTD is to help customers implement projects in the IT field on a daily basis, to ensure the continuous operation of office equipment. Our company is engaged in the supply of office and server equipment from leading manufacturers, as well as spare parts for office equipment, laptops, batteries, matrices, consumables for office equipment, components for server equipment and data storage systems (SHD).

The goals of our company are:

  • saving your money and time;
  • providing the best service;
  • long-term cooperation;
  • satisfaction of needs;
  • fulfillment of accepted obligations;
  • mutual respect, honesty, openness;
  • providing consulting support;
  • continuous improvement of all systems of business processes.

To achieve these goals, our specialists use their experience, knowledge, individual approach and responsibly treat each issue, taking into account the needs of partner companies, they are ready to solve complex problems and provide after-sales support.

In addition, our company provides a service for the repair and maintenance of office equipment and office equipment. We will check all office equipment, the quality of its work, identify and troubleshoot.

XINJIANG CONTINENTAL INVESTING CO.,LTD also offers services for the design and creation of computer networks. We carry out installation of computer networks (creation of local networks) for small and medium-sized businesses. Our prices will surprise and delight you!
Computer networks in an organization or enterprise will significantly reduce your costs for the production of a product or for the provision of services, i.e. become a reliable foundation for successful business.

We work under a contract. For regular customers, flexible payment terms and a system of discounts are possible.

We work for you and help you to level up with our computers and electronics, computer accessories and components.